From Proust

There must have been moments, which recurred probably not more than once every year, a partial eclipse of his true self by the passage across it of the personality of some ancestor reflecting itself upon him.

A Petibon Picture

Boy and horse

Not my finest photo…but the ‘Boy and Horse’ from the Archeological Museum in Athens…

From a visit to Shanghai

A view from the hotel…

From Gimme Shelter

A still taken from the film at Altamont racetrack which brought the ’60s to an end.

And Buster Keaton…

A new picture…India 2015

I will add new pictures to the blog on a occasional basis. This was taken at the ‘Golden Temple’ in Amritsar in 2015. I first visited the temple when I was 6 or 7 and remember it well. I don’t think it had recorded music blaring out then…


First Post

This is my first post on the new website, just to get the process underway.